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LED Wholesalers Shine

LED Wholesalers Shine

Writing about LED light bulbs reminds me of an old joke:

Q:      How many bureaucrats does it take to change a light bulb?

A:      Two – one to assure us that everything possible is being done while the second one is screwing the bulb into the water faucet!

If you are building a home or business you will want to carefully examine your lighting needs. You will want the lights to be energy efficient and attractive. And you will want to consider working with one of the the top LED Wholesalers to get the best value for your buck. When purchasing in quantity this is the most economical way to go. Typically, LED wholesalers purchase products to turn around and resell at retail prices. But, reselling the product is not necessarily a requirement if you have enough quantity. There are many benefits from buying wholesale from a reputable supplier.

  • Cost Savings – You can save the markup between the supplier and the retailer, often as much as 20% or more.
  • Options – Because the wholesaler deals with large quantities of a particular product they usually have more choices than your local hardware store.
  • Variety – Suppliers will provide everything from retrofit bulbs that fit standard light bulb sockets to cabinet, shelf, and cove lighting. They can offer strip lighting and PAR bulbs for track lights, colored LED lights and programmable LEDs.

Having enough quantity to purchase things at wholesale is a bonus and if you are in that position you should take advantage. If your quantity is small you can combine an order with friends or family that way everyone gets a discount.

When you go to purchase your LED Bulbs Wholesale you might ask are all LED light bulbs created equal. The answer to that is “no” they are not. You need to make sure you are comparing apples to apples when considering lighting choices. As discussed there are two main benefits in using LED lighting compared to the more traditional light bulbs, whether they are incandescent, Matel, Mercury Vapor or others. That is they should be energy saving and have a much longer lifespan.

When China began dominating the LED bulb market a few years ago some of their products promised one thing but delivered another. Some of those tested were found to have a much shorter life expectancy then was written on the label. The good news is that LED lighting has improved substantially over the past couple of years; although it is still buyer beware. When you are purchasing LED lamps for your home or business you should make sure those lamps you are purchasing have been UL certified and CE certified if manufactured or sold in the European marketplace. Since the imports began dominating the market established lighting manufacturers like Philips, Osram, Sylvania and GE have spent millions of dollars on research developing solutions related to heat management along with something called “Binning.”

Without getting into the technical aspects the term applies to the manufacturing process. Because the LED is an electronic component like a diode, lighting manufacturers have to sort what they get from electronic manufacturers to ensure the color is consistent in every LED bulb you purchase. What makes this especially difficult after they have been sorted once and placed in a light bulb they have to be checked a second time because once heat is applied in a sealed bulb the LED can change it characteristics. This becomes very expensive.

These certifications should have confirmed quality, performance, energy and safety standards both here and in Europe. Even with these certifications the buyer must be careful. For instance, when shopping at your retail hardware store if you read the fine print it may say “will last five years if used just one hour a day.” Who uses their lights only one hour a day?

Another consideration when purchasing LED lighting is to check the lumen output. If, for instance, you are replacing a 40-watt incandescent lamp with an LED bulb you need to confirm the lumen output is similar. A 40-watt incandescent light bulb emits about 450 lumens while it only takes a 4-watt LED bulb to emit the same amount of lumens. Where an incandescent lamp will last about 1,200 hours an LED bulb could last 50,000 hours.

Purchasing LED lighting wholesale makes it easier to utilize eco-friendly lighting on your project. When you are looking to reduce carbon emissions, lower the heat produced by your lighting, and reduce overall expenses, LED lighting can help achieve your goals. LED lamps are designed to be virtually maintenance free and will provide many years of bright, high definition lighting. They can be used in every area of your home and business from a simple lamp to a parking lot structure. Because they are bendable and flexible they can be used for accent lighting, lighting for shelves and pure decoration.

Everyone is looking to save money in today’s economy so the simple fact is that purchasing LED lighting wholesale makes perfect sense. LED lighting allows you to save on lighting fixtures while also saving money on long-term utility costs. When you are in need of quality, low cost lighting nothing can touch the benefits of using LED for your lighting needs.

It is time to get rid of those compact fluorescent “twirly” bulbs we were promised would save the planet while at the same time drastically reduce our utility bills. It definitely was a step forward from incandescent when you would hear the ‘ping’ or pop of a blowout and now had to go digging for a replacement bulb. And if you were like most of us, you would only have 60-watt bulbs in the closet to replace the 100-watt bulb that just burned out. Add to that the hassle of dragging out the ladder, moving the furniture around climbing up and replacing that bulb which you knew would be out again in a few months or less.

Led lighting is cost effective, attractive, flexible and becoming less expensive as technology advances. Why not use your LED Wholesalers to help make them even more affordable. Just make sure you or your friends do not screw any into the faucet!

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