LED Bulbs

If you are searching for quality, energy saving LED light bulbs wholesale you have come to the right place. We carry a large stock of regular LED bulbs all the way from 9 Watt to 20 Watt at affordable wholesale prices. Our popular Corn LED light bulbs which can be used to replace most traditional lighting like CFL, Mercury Vapor and incandescent lights to name a few, are stocked from 10 Watt to 126 Watt. Whether it is our standard LED light bulb or the LED corn bulb you can be sure the benefits are the same for both: energy savings (50% to 65%) compared to HPS, Metal Halide and Mercury Vapor lights. The energy savings on Corn LED bulbs is even more when compared to traditional Matel halide, high-pressure sodium and HQI bulbs. In addition to the energy cost savings the lifespan of LED bulbs are five to ten times longer than traditional light bulbs. So when you are choosing the lighting for your project you need to look for quantity discounts, quality product and places to replace your traditional light bulbs whether it is in a lamp or a parking lot. At ECOBRIGHT USA we can provide those answers for you.