LED Flood Lights

At first impression LED Flood Lights appear to be more expensive than conventional halogen bulbs. But after looking at the benefits cost becomes of little consequence. Outdoor LED flood lights are manufactured to be heat, cold and shock resistant for durability. LED Flood Lights are comprised of a self-contained modular element, which allows it to be a very flexible system. Whereas a halogen bulb may last 1,000 hours an LED Flood Light will last ten times longer while using less energy. These flood lights are brighter, safer, work at lower operating temperatures and are mercury free. They provide from 15 to 540 watts of light, which is plenty of illumination for any lighting job. LED Flood Lights are available for both residential and commercial use and come in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors and prices. As they become more affordable and popular you can find them being used in virtually every kind of commercial application such as parks, parking lots, driving ranges, lighting up the outside of commercial buildings, facades, marinas and the list goes on. They can be wall mounted, stand alone on poles or stands, or recessed in ceilings. The LED Flood Lamps are terrific for security and they leave the lit up area shadow free. The low voltage lamps are a perfect accent light for flower gardens and pathways while higher voltage lamps can be used for lighting up stadiums and arenas. The crisp bright light reduces glare and improves overall lighting efficiency and the lamps have an overall higher thermal performance that helps provide uniform color consistency while remaining environmentally friendly.