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Purchasing Wholesale LED Bulbs to Save Your Business Money

Purchasing Wholesale LED Bulbs to Save Your Business Money

Business owners are always looking for ways to save money on utility and other monthly bills. Controllable costs can make or break a business. Lighting is often one area that is overlooked, but one that offers significant savings. Buying wholesale LED bulbs makes sense for not only the industrial niche, but also businesses such as housing/condominium complexes simply because of the sheer volume of bulbs these types of businesses use on a daily basis.

Changing to LED Lighting Has Never been Easier

Go back as little as twenty years and making a lighting change was a major decision. Not only did the business owner have to purchase new lighting, there was also the need to change out fixtures. Today, most LED bulbs can fit into any standard lighting fixture. The ROI is realized much sooner than before and the additional costs of the bulbs are quickly offset by energy savings and extending lifespan of the bulb.

Buying LED Bulbs Wholesale Leads to Savings

There are two main ways that you will save money when purchasing LED bulbs. Firstly, while the bulbs do cost more than some standard lighting solutions, they last significantly longer than traditional bulbs.

Life Span Comparison

  • Incandescent Bulbs – 1,200 hours
  • CFL Bulbs – 8,000 hours
  • LED Bulbs – 50,000 hours

With anywhere from six to 50 times the average lifespan, you can see how quickly the savings add up in mere purchasing dollars.

Wattage Use Comparison

  • Incandescent Bulbs – 60 watts
  • CFL Bulbs – 13-15 watts
  • LED Bulbs – 6-8 watts

These numbers are significant for several reasons. The first being that you are using much less power to operate the LED bulb than any other type of lighting. Of course, this means you are using much less electricity and will therefore save money on your monthly utility bills. A second factor is also significant, especially with the push for business owners to create a “greener” environment. Using less electricity means that you are creating less greenhouse gas emissions. This can be the first step in helping to promote your business as “green,” giving it a better reputation in the local community.

Most Popular Uses for LED Lighting in Housing and Industry

Security for Access Points – entry doors and delivery doors are areas where lighting is needed. This serves two purposes: to provide better lighting and security for the individual entering the building as well as ensuring security cameras are able to capture a good image of the individual entering.

Public Space Lighting – by this we mean areas such as parking lots and sidewalks. Business owners and housing complexes are ultimately responsible for the safety of employees, customers, and residents. Using LED lighting in these areas will help provide better sight lines and visibility, thereby naturally deterring a criminal element from “stalking” these areas.

With so many options available and the flexibility of using existing fixtures, business owners are well served to convert their CFL and/or incandescent lighting over to LED lighting as soon as possible. The sooner you get up on the ladder and change out those bulbs, the sooner you can start to save money!

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