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LED Grow Panel

  • LEDs offer more targeted wavelength options that can be optimized for the flowering and vegetative responses you’re after for specific plants.
  • LED grow lights produce considerably less heat than other lights, reducing your need for expensive and convoluted cooling systems that would be necessary to avoid damaging your plants.
  • When testing the difference in efficiency between the High Pressure Sodium (HPS) lamps versus the LED lighting systems, results showed that LEDs decrease energy consumption by at least 40%.
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  • Power Consumption:

    600 Watt

  • Blue/Red proportion:

    25% Blue / 75% Red

  • Power Factor:


  • Voltage:

    110 Volt, 220 Volt

  • Dimensions:

    510x380x360 (mm)

  • Certification:

    CE, RoHS, UL

  • Projected Lifespan:

    40000 Hours

  • Power Driver Brand:


  • Operating Temperature:

    -20 to +50°C (-4F to 122F)

  • Material:


1 review for LED Grow Panel

  1. 54321

    This is my first indoor grow light. I did a lot of research prior to set up and decided to go with a 4x4x7 Apollo tent and LED lighting. I began with one of these 300W with 3 watt chips and the other ecoBright 300W unit with 5 watt chips to compare. 3 months ago, four 4″ Lemon Larry clones were transplanted from a gallon pots to 7 gal Smart Pots and I hung one of each light at 24″ over 2 plants for the veg phase. So far, at this time I see no difference in growth between the two lights. Just beautiful production of lush green leaves. With the 2 lights running an 18 on 6 off cycle, the temp in the tent remained about 74 degrees at 55-60% humidity. I added another one of each of these lights for the flowering/bloom phase (1@5watt and 1@3 watt) for a total of 300W x 4 and will hung one light over each individual plant. So far I really like the simplicity and ease of using these lights! Growth at 6 weeks of the 4 plants grew up to 36″ with healthy dark green leaves. The plants under the 3w chip lights seem to be slightly taller by a couple of inches yet not as full as the 5w chip.)

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