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  • ecoBright EB20 LED Light Bulb

20W (150-200W) LED Bulb


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  • Power Consumption:

    20 Watt

  • Lumenous Flux:

    2500-2700 Lumens

  • Dimmable:


  • Color Rendering Index (CRI):


  • Efficacy:

    100 Lumens/Watt

  • Power Factor:


  • Voltage:

    110 Volt

  • Dimensions:

    3.5 x 3.5 x 6.15 inches

  • Certification:

    CE, RoHS, UL

  • Projected Lifespan:

    40000 Hours

  • Power Driver Brand:


  • Operating Temperature:

    -20 to +50°C (-4F to 122F)

  • Material:


  • SKU:


8 reviews for 20W (150-200W) LED Bulb

  1. 54321

    Bright! Perfect for basement. The lighting fixtures in my basement were designed for 60W incandescent bulbs. Back in the old days – this limits the amount of light put out by each fixture with an incandescent bulb. NOW with these 20W LED bulbs – I can stay safe – and with the 2000 lumens per bulb – I can turn my dark dungeon into a sunny day! Now I can see the stains on clothing before adding clothes to washing machine and now I know where to give a blast of SHOUT to the stains.

    EDIT: One bulb – that had been installed for months and was working great – suddenly started blinking like a strobe light. Strange. I moved the bulb to another fixture and it worked fine. I installed another bulb back into the original fixture – and that worked fine. After scratching my head for several minutes – I realized that this one socket in the basement was on a DIMMER circuit. I can verify that these ecoBright bulbs are – as manufactures clearly states – NOT SUITABLE for dimmers. SO if your bulb starts to behave light a strobe light – it means that the voltage in that socket is below 100V – i.e. on a dimmer or some issue with that fixture. Love these bulbs.

  2. 54321

    Perfect for my garden shed which has one ceiling socket that won’t take more than a conventional 60 watt bulb. I was using a compact fluorescent with 1600 lumens using 25 watts and it wasn’t throwing off enough light to find things. I bought this ecoBright daylight bulb with 3200 lumens using 30 watts. It is very bright and lights every nook and cranny of the shed.
    The only drawback is that the bulb itself is:
    1) too large for any type of shade, which is fine for a shed
    2) is almost too bright to look at directly.

  3. 54321

    What a great bulb! We’ve had some difficulty finding replacements for our 150 watt incandescent bulbs and these are great. The warm color is just what we were looking for. We use the bulbs in up-lamp floor lamps and the light reflects off the ceiling to give the room a nice glow. The packaging for each led bulb is very good and secure. The service was extra speedy. Thanks

  4. 54321

    I purchased four of these light bulbs for a large room with a high ceiling in early 2015. I wanted bulbs which would provide adequate light and last a long time so I wouldn’t have to replace them very often. I’ve been very happy with how long they’ve lasted. I’m happy with them and will be buying more as I continue to convert my house to LED lighting. Purchasing some today.

  5. 54321

    This bulb is BRIGHT and yet stays cool. I use it as my shop light and wow, what a difference over the old 100 watt bulb. Yet even in my metal lamp it never even gets warm. Sure, it’s not cheap, but you are getting the best. I also have the GE dimmable 150 watt LED bulb and it is also very good.

  6. 54321

    This LED bulb is amazing. We bought this 150 watt bulb for a lamp in a dark room. It is perfect for what we wanted. We are going to order two more for the other lamps.

  7. 54321

    This lightbulb is awesome! such low wattage and such a brighter light. I had one at 100 watts which was over what was allowed for the fixture. This solves that problem and gives me the light I need in my closet. Well worth the price too and delivery was speedy. Great purchase.

  8. 54321

    My mother has limited vision and I put this in her closet. It works great. Lots of light without worrying about the heat of a high-wattage bulb.

  9. 54321

    It’s been several months now after I got this and it works as expected. Definitely a lot of value for the money.

  10. 54321

    The LED bulb works as advertised and fits nicely into the lamp.

  11. 54321

    I ordered 5 more LED bulbs and the bulb is super bright and the service was extremely courteous. I will buy again.

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