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30W LED Light Bulb

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  • Power Consumption:

    30 Watt

  • Lumenous Flux:

    3000 Lumens

  • Dimmable:


  • Color Rendering Index (CRI):


  • Efficacy:

    100 Lumens/Watt

  • Voltage:

    110 Volt

  • Dimensions:

    7.5 x 4.6 x 4.6 inches

  • Certification:

    CE, RoHS, UL

  • Projected Lifespan:

    40000 Hours

  • Power Driver Brand:


  • Operating Temperature:

    -20 to +50°C (-4F to 122F)

  • Material:


  • SKU:


1 review for 30W LED Light Bulb

  1. 54321

    Wonderful product. I was avoiding LED Light bulbs because they are advertised as “saving energy”. To me that meant not as good, sacrificing quality for energy, etc. But I realized there are wonderful advantages to LEDs, that have nothing to do with saving energy. I replaced 100W incandescent bulbs that were set in overhead lights in my basement, attic, and garage that had a maximum capacity of 100W each. There were not bright enough for the space, but I felt there was nothing I could do about it. Now I doubled the lumens (light output) with these ecoBright LED Lights and they are only 30 watts each. In addition they give off little or no heat. Furthermore, the life expectancy of these bulbs (as advertised) is an impressive 45 years based on 3 hrs a day. Some of these bulbs are difficult to reach and at one hour a day should last 135 years. They are pricey but well worth it.

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