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  • LED Wholesalers Shine

    LED Wholesalers Shine

    Writing about LED light bulbs reminds me of an old joke:

    Q:      How many bureaucrats does it take to change a light bulb?

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  • Are LED light bulbs worth what they cost?

    Are LED light bulbs worth what they cost?

    Absolutely! Why? Because they have qualities that set them apart from all other light sources and standard wattages you’ve grown accustomed to in your daily life like 100W, 60W, 100 Watt, 60 Watt or whichever way you want to read the numbers. That’s where the similarity ends. You can get the same light for less energy and in this article we will highlight other of the LED Light Bulb’s advantages over other kinds and show why they are not only worth the cost but also with the savings they will reap for you, makes them far cheaper than the bulbs you are using today.

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